The Order of The Self Self

Twelve Point Guide To Self Development

  1. Contribute To Your Education

    • Contributing to your education allows resources to be available to expand the exercise of assisting others to develop themselves. Other people provided so that you may benefit, you in turn should provide so that others can benefit.

  2. Remember The Source Of Your Information and Instructions

    • Remembering the source of your information and instructions is important if you are to receive further help when you need it.

  3. Be Truthful At All Times

    • Being truthful at all times allows you to derive experiences from what ever you understand to be true. This is how character is refined.

  4. Give Of Your Best At All Times

    • Doing your best at all times is the highest form of meditation. This allows you to pay attention to the task at hand thereby quieting your senses and faculties. This allows for a greater flow of energy.

  5. Continually Learn About Yourself

    • Continually learning about yourself allows you access to more information from which to evaluate your ideas and actions.

  6. Continually Work At Refining Your Character

    • Character refinement is acting on what you understand to be true. You may be doing something one way and through learning, you may realize a better way; acting on the better way is character refinement.

  7. Be Respectful At All Times

    • Being respectful at all times leaves you able to receive assistance when you need it.

  8. Do Not Contribute To The Dissemination Of Misinformation

    • You are responsible for your actions and the fruit of your labour. People should not support anything that they realize is not in their best interest.

  9. Always Be Willing To Work And Save Your Finances

    • Work is all things you do to the best of your ability, as explained above this is the highest form of meditation. Saving your finances keeps you in a position to contribute to your learning and to acquire your needs.

  10. Assist People Who Are Consciously Pursuing Their Development

    • All people who are consciously pursuing their development are always ready to assist others in such pursuits. You should do likewise.

  11. Respect Other People's Right Not To Pursue Their Development

    • You may be ready to pursue higher development, but other people may not be; it is important that you remember this. All people reach the point of readiness at different times. People are evolving at different rates and people have different levels of understanding, so be patient.

  12. You Should Not Be Sexually Active With People Who Are Not Consciously Pursuing Their Development

    • It is advisable that people who are taking deliberate steps to become more informed/aware/conscious only sexually engage others who are making similar efforts to improve their own character. People should use their own awareness of good character to make that judgement. If the encounter does not bring the desired benefits, then they should question how they made their choices, and improve their own character-discerning abilities.

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